Call for papers

Languages of submission

English, Spanich and French.

Terms of submission :

Accepted contributions must take the form of :

  1. 5-6 page finalized written papers
  2. eposters

Acceptance criteria :

  • Originality of the contribution,
  • Importance for the scientific community,
  • Linguistic quality and clarity,
  • Impact on subsequent scientific works.

The Scientific Committee will evaluate the relevance of each submitted proposal and will suggest, if necessary, modifications for the final version of the communication. 

Fees :

  • For Professors 120 €
  • For PhD students 90
  • Pour les professeurs et doctorants du réseau CISC 80
  • For the second communication +20

To participate without communicating +60

These fees cover the materials + the breaks + the guided visit

Publications :

Authors will be able to choose between :

The Journal des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication.

Journal indexed by IMIST.

Subject to acceptance of the paper by the Journal


in the form of articles on an indexed journal :

Web of Science

« Telos Journal »

Only the papers approved for presentation at the International Congress of Communication Sciences can be published in electronic format in a special issue of a journal indexed in Web of Science. 

The organizers of the International Congress will be supported by Telos Journals Telos Journals, a Brazilian company specializing in the adaptation and submission of articles to WoS journal standards.

Authors will pay the article processing charges (APC) on behalf of Telos Journals, which is responsible for organizing and submitting articles according to the standards of the Web of Science-indexed journal.

Telos Journal